Fun wellbeing quiz

Are you aware of everything you need to do to keep your body and mind fit and healthy? Play these online wellness quizzes to find out and stay on top of your health. Speak now. Top Trending Emotional Wellness. Sample Question. Always, or almost always. Six Dimensions Of Wellness Quiz. Cyber Wellness Quiz. Answer the following Cyber Wellness questions with the options given. You can only choose ONE answer for every question. Good Luck!

How Many Singers Do You Know? - 75 Singers - Challenge/Quiz - Fun Quiz Questions

Sokongan tulang gigi yang lemah. Gigi yang bertukar warna. Keradangan bengkak gusi. Wellness Facts. All quizzes with all answers correct will be entered in the drawing.

Running to catch a plane. Drinking coffee. Eating 10 vegetables a day. A stretching program. Most Popular. Livewell Ucsd Emotional Wellness.

Seldom or Occasionally. Always or almost always. Wellness Center Quiz. Livewell Ucsd Spiritual Wellness. July Wellness Quiz. Better strength, increased endurance, sharper concentration, and better problem-solving skills.

Nothing at all. Low blood sugar, fatigue, irritability, and poor attentiveness. Less caloric intake, helps lose weight, and not as hungry for lunch.One You is here to help you make small changes that fit your life, so you feel better and healthier, every day.

One You gives advice on nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle choices to promote positive changes in life. To visit the One You website, click here. It is not a medical assessment, but a tool designed to make it clearer what services are in place for your needs. General Wellbeing- The How Are You Quiz One You is here to help you make small changes that fit your life, so you feel better and healthier, every day.

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Stratford Hospital Stratford Hospital Visitor information. The Grafton Suite.Skip to: Main Navigation Main Content. Test yourself on health issues from diet to depression or use our tools to help make decisions about your health. A good night's sleep is vital to tackling work, school, sport and well, life in general. Yet many of us find getting it a challenge.

How much do you know about sleep? What do you know about sugar, the foods that it's found in and its health impacts? So test your knowledge of the causes of food poisoning and how you can prevent getting sick in the first place. Test your knowledge of grains. Test your knowledge on some of the most enduring myths about coughs, colds and their treatments. Test your knowledge on the dangers of smoking, how it affects your body and how to quit.

How much do you know? For others, they're a source of irritability, pain, and havoc. How much do you know about the intricacies of the menstrual cycle? How much do you know about fibre and flatulence?

How much do you know about it? Fevers are common at this time of year. How much do you know about them? What do you know about the sweet liquids that pass your lips? But is chocolate really a health food, or just another treat we need to save for special occasions?

But what do you know about the milk you drink and how it might affect your health? Do you know how to handle them? But they are not a magic pill designed to cure all human illnesses and ailments.

How much do you know about using antibiotics? But how do you get the best out of your veg? How much do you know about minimising illness and infection in the home? How much do you know about shedding kilos?You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to view our website properly.

This set of questions indicates your current state of overall wellbeing. Answer the questions in the order that they appear. You can then work out your overall wellbeing score and see what it means.

Below are some statements about your feelings and thoughts. Simply tick the box that best describes your experience over the last 2 weeks. You can aim to boost your wellbeing score by connecting with people who count on you, helping someone else doing a new activity, or learning a new skill or maybe by appreciating your environment more.

If you are feeling very low or unnecessarily anxious, you could talk to your GP or health service. You can aim to maintain or even boost your wellbeing score by doing one or more of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. You can aim to maintain your wellbeing score by keeping up the activities you are already involved in or perhaps trying one of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

Use the links provided to learn how to improve your wellbeing score and to get idea, and click here to download a sheet you can print off and use My 5 Ways to Wellbeing Planto record how you will improve your wellbeing.

Let's Begin! Options None of the time. Some of the time. All of the time. What does your wellbeing score mean Your Score. If you are human, leave this field blank.Wellbeing Station is a refreshing and unique approach to engage employees and individuals in health and wellbeing; with thousands of quiz questions, facts and information around health and wellbeing topics!

Easy to use, informative and generates wellbeing engagement, fun and conversation. Perfect for rest rooms, kitchens and areas with a high footfall for individuals to interact and engage in wellbeing questions, factoids and thought provoking quotes of the day — generating discussion around health and wellbeing. Outcome: Wellbeing engagement, boosts morale and productivity. Generates wellbeing conversations promoting good health and wellbeing within the workplace. Ask for a quick quote and one of our sales team will contact you to discuss your enquiry.

fun wellbeing quiz

Please note our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8. By contacting us via this form or via email, you give us consent to use your data to reply to your query. We will not share your personal data with any Third-Party organisations.

fun wellbeing quiz

To know more about what data we keep and how we use it, please read our Terms and Conditions page. The Wellbeing Station is an easy to use, engaging and fun concept bringing wellbeing to life in the workplace every day. The Wellbeing Station can be free standing or wall mounted and has been designed to be kept in any communal area, ideally where there will be the highest level of utilisation.

Users answer five interesting health and wellbeing related quiz questions providing health and wellbeing knowledge, followed by facts, inspiring quotes and a wellbeing calendar of health and wellbeing awareness days and months. Through regular interaction with the Wellbeing Station, individuals can get health and wellbeing reinforced messages which creates a basis for health and wellbeing to become a focal point within the workplace. This wellbeing interaction continues with the online Wellbeing Station — providing users with a wide range of tools and further knowledge, helping to set and reach goals that takes the individual into an extended world of health and wellbeing support.

It is an easy platform to use and is accessible via computer, tablet or mobile. Online portal is available to all members of your organisation over the three year rental period of the Wellbeing Station and includes the following features which are regularly updated:.

It is essential that we recognise the effects of mental and physical health and put measures in place to support positive health and wellbeing choices. By using the Boomerang Life Balance, it helps individuals to understand the balance of their work and home life in order to reduce stress and feel happier. This will have a positive effect upon employees boosting productivity, satisfaction, and employee health and wellbeing. Personal Challenges last for 4 weeks. You can select which goals fit your lifestyle to achieve your challenge, or you can add your own.

Once started you can follow your progress and add your results from here. BMI Checker — Body Mass Index BMI is an internationally recognised method of determining whether you are overweight or obese, through using a ratio between your height and weight. Health Library — Individuals have access to further support and information through being signposted to the relevant supporting bodies of the chosen topic. This is ideal for individuals who are concerned about any results of our employee health screening.

The online Wellbeing Guru also has the capability to automatically populate health metrics of the user that are taken from our Interactive Health Kioskand over time users can see graphs of progression. Designed to provide long-term engagement with over 6, questions, the Wellbeing Station is fully prepared for individuals to interact over a three year period without having a repeat experience.

The reason for this is that having a longer and sustained nudge towards health and wellbeing is a greater benefit to individuals than compared to shorter periods of exposure.

This provides constant engagement with individuals creating relevant wellbeing conversations within the workplace. During idle mode, the Wellbeing Station will display annual wellbeing calendar dates that include national awareness months and days, e. Dry January or Mental Health Awareness Day, encouraging individuals to become more aware of wellbeing events throughout the year and initiating positive interaction with friends and colleagues.

Great wellbeing gives your organisation an edge, making employees happy to work. Keeping employees happy helps to attract and retain the best talent in the market!

Prevention of poor mental and physical health is easier than finding a cure. Reduced absenteeism means higher levels of performance and productivity. I am at our leadership conference in Bristol and manning the wellbeing stand — the Wellbeing Station is going down a storm and I am trying to get people to sign up to the Wellbeing Tracker — so hopefully we will see some more usage there.

By joining our Mailing List, you give us consent to send you the latest news and information about Wellbeing People. See our privacy policy for more information. Wellbeing Station.Take our personality tests to discover new insights into your life and psychology, plus discover how to improve your wellbeing with our top tips and advice.

Home Wellbeing Wellbeing quizzes. Wellbeing quizzes Take our personality tests to discover new insights into your life and psychology, plus discover how to improve your wellbeing with our top tips and advice. Am I lonely? Take our loneliness quiz to find out.

Wellbeing quizzes. Are you a perfectionist?

Wellbeing Station

Take our personality test to find out. Do you suffer from imposter syndrome? Take our quiz and find out. How well do you handle setbacks? How to challenge negative thoughts and stop beating yourself up. Do you have a short fuse? Read our top tips for controlling your temper — plus take our anger quiz. How self-reliant are you? Take our quiz and discover tips to help you become more independent.

How optimistic are you? Take our optimist quiz and find out how to be more positive. How resilient are you? Find out with our personality test. Am I decisive? Am I open-minded? Take our personality test and find out. Am I honest? Take our honesty quiz and find out. Do you have too much clutter? Take our quiz. You're currently on page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next.Taking SparkPeople quizzes and assessments is a fun way to test your knowledge on nutrition, quizzes, and health, and to learn more about yourself!

What about antiperspirants? Test your knowledge to see how much you really know about lowering your cancer risk. Quiz by Erin Whitehead, SparkPeople Contributor You've probably heard a lot about what causes, prevents and helps treat acne, but how do you know whether those "facts" are old wives' tales or the real deal?

Learn how to effectively battle blemishes with the truth by taking this short quiz. Everyone deals with stress in different ways. Some people exercise or turn to food, while others spend money.

The shiny bags filled with new clothes, fancy electronics and luxurious toiletries can temporarily fill a void, but that rush soon turns to guilt, especially after the bills arrive. Like eating or gambling, shopping can become a compulsion—even an addiction.

Are your spending habits are out of control? Take this assessment and find out. Do you think you know all the ins and outs of keeping your heart healthy? Test your knowledge about the most important muscle in your body with this short quiz!

There's no doubt about it--money does affect your health. So are you financially fit? To find out, pick the answer that most closely matches your own habits and perceptions of money. Quiz by Nicole Nichols, Health Educator Chronic high blood pressure, known as hypertension, is dangerous because it makes the heart work too hard, and can harm your arteries.

If left uncontrolled, it can lead to heart and kidney disease, heart attack, vision problems and stroke. Find out how much you know about blood pressure and how to manage it.

Although depression is a common medical condition, it's surrounded by myths and misconceptions about its causes, symptoms and seriousness. These misconceptions can create barriers that stop people from seeking medical attention, and make it hard to help a friend if you don't understand their condition.

fun wellbeing quiz

Test yourself to separate the myths from the facts. Quiz by Nicole Nichols, Health Educator Many people don't even know they have heart disease until they experience a heart attack.

Do you know the warning signs? Find out before it's too late! How much do you know about how your digestive system works and what it means to have a healthy gut? Although there are many theories on the causes of GERD, experts aren't sure exactly what causes it.

Body image affects how you feel about yourself, how you project yourself, and how you care for your own health. Answer the following questions to find out where your body image stands now--and how you can improve it.

5 Ways to Wellbeing Quiz

In today's society, most of us can't avoid stress. But we can learn to behave in ways that lesson its effects. This assessment is designed to help you discover your vulnerability to stress. Rate each item from 1 never to 5 alwaysaccording to how much the statement is true of you.

Be sure to mark each item, even if it does not apply to you. But lifestyle changes can help prevent and control these symptoms and increase one's quality of life.


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